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The Appraiser Coach Podcast

Listen while you drive to and from appraisal inspections as Dustin Harris, The Appraiser Coach, gives you helpful tips, tricks, ideas, and principles which will make you a better appraisal business owner. Dustin has been a successful real estate appraiser for many years. As the Appraiser Coach, he has made it his life’s mission to teach other appraisers across the country to also succeed and thrive as real estate appraisal business owners. Join Dustin each week as he keeps you informed with the latest in the appraisal profession, interviews movers and shakers, talks to your peers about what is important to them, and shares with you his secrets to incredible success.

Jul 20, 2016

There were some changes this year at the Valuation Expo.  Who better to find out about them and where things are headed in the future than to talk to Joan and Steve who head this all up.  

bill johnson
almost eight years ago


I apologize and understand that this is not the place to address other sites comment section policies, but after a lengthily civil back and forth with Joan Trice on the Appraisal Buzz site, (some months back) I have been blocked and it appears articles CAN'T BE COMMENTED ON. My hope was to have her read my concern here, and to provide an explanation as to the change in comment section policy. In communicating with her at the time, she did not take to kindly with me challenging/questioning HER statement indicating that the 2015 National Appraiser Survey (Allterra Group LLC), was the ONLY INDEPENDANT survey in the country. Thanks.

Dustin Harris
almost eight years ago


I have never banned someone just because we might disagree with one another. You drive me crazy sometimes, but I can assure you that you have not been banned from making comments. What makes you think you have been? Have you had trouble posting lately? I see several of your posts on the last blog article I put out. I did employ a simple captcha lately because I was getting about 25 spam comments per day for the last few weeks, but if you just show the computer you are not a robot, you should be able to make your comments. I look forward to being driven crazy again.

Bill Johnson
almost eight years ago

Some months back Joan via an article in Appraisal Buzz we had what I thought was a civil extended back and forth discussion within the comments section, although we disagreed, at no time did I get personal, abusive, etc. in any way. So I ask, why have I been blacklisted and or blocked from making comments (on your site), or in general why do many articles now not allow an open forum to discuss the issue from different sides? I eagerly await any responses. Thanks.